Dispute resolution and Investigation representation

Here at Sentric Business Solutions, we have a number of years of experience in dealing with disputes and difficult situations. Many employers fall foul of disciplinary and grievance procedures and in the event of an employee claim in the Workplace Relations Commission, most adjudications will focus closely on fair procedures and natural justice.

If as an employer you don’t have fair procedures in place, or if you don’t follow the procedures that you may have in place, you run the risk of losing out to a decision. This could mean that an employee, who has been potentially disciplined for what an employer may deem a valid reason, may win a decision against the company.

At Sentric we can oversee the process and ensure that fairness is applied at all stages of any process. Alternatively, we can take part in the investigation aspect of a dispute and chair that element of the process.

In the event of an appeal being lodged, we can oversee a full review of the process and assist with resolving matters at that point.

Some employees may wish to reach an agreement with their employer and we at Sentric can draft such an agreement and mediate a solution. The type of “Compromise agreement” is common place and can be a final solution to a difficult situation.