Outsourced HR & Employment Law Consultancy

Whether you need a little help, or a lot, we can tailor a package to suit you based on your own individual requirements.
From a full outsourced assistance package, to a one off piece of advice, we can navigate your business through the choppy waters that is “being an Employer”.

At Sentric, we provide an outsourced HR Consultancy option for clients who have a requirement for assistance on HR matters. Normally clients would have an internal HR resource that would have regular contact with our office when the need arises. One day (8 hours) per month is our basic minimum starter retainer, where all your HR queries will be answered. Extra days and hours can be arranged for larger clients. Some of the areas we assist on would be as follows:


Contracts and Handbooks

Every business has a legal requirement to supply their employees with contracts of employment. This contract should be a written summary of what “terms and conditions” the employer agrees with the employee, but also what the employee agrees to do for the employer. There are certain areas that need to be covered, and also which one of 6 different template types of contracts should be applied to each given position.


Induction Programmes

Induction is a key element of any new role and here at Sentric we can create a full induction system for each role that your company creates. Induction can consist of explaining both the company structure, history, achievements and goals, as well as what is expected from the employee. It is proven that employees with a better induction system will stay longer and be more successful in your business. Also, employees that do not receive a well-focused induction model, are more likely to leave in the first 4 months of their employment with you.


Performance Management

Your staff are the life blood of your business and their performance will decide if your business is a success or otherwise. How to measure their performance can be difficult and Sentric Business Solutions can help create the template that will assist you to develop this side of your business.


Disciplinary and Grievance Management

Dealing with disciplinary issues can be a banana skin for employers, especially since the new Workplace Relations Commission was set up in 2015. Sentric Business Solutions can lead you along the right path so that you won’t fall foul to breaches of procedure leading to potential litigation.


Dispute Resolution

It is often the case that a dispute may occur between an employee and an employer. Sometimes, it is difficult for both parties to agree a solution and a third party may in fact be the best option to find “an end point” that might suit both parties. At Sentric, we can lead this discussion and use our years of experience and knowledge to come to an agreement to suit everyone.

Independent Investigation Management

In the event of a potential disciplinary matter, we can oversee either the initial investigation or possibly an appeal by an employee. We will forensically go through all the information as well as meet with all parties. Ultimately, we will deliver a report to all involved on our findings, so that both parties get a fair and impartial hearing.


Reward and Retention planning

Finding good staff can be difficult but keeping them can be harder. At Sentric, we can advise on retention schemes for staff that won’t cost the company huge overheads and can give staff the best tax efficient way of rewards.