Upcoming Events


Trying to navigate through a disciplinary incident or a serious grievance complaint can be a mine field of headaches. This session will discuss the written policies that are required, the process of carrying out investigations and who should be involved at each step.

We will also talk about the do’s and the do not’s when it comes to any investigation as well as final reporting structures all the way to a staff appeal.


This session will focus on new legislation and what changes a company may need to make to its policies handbook in view of Covid-19 issues.

We will also look at redundancies and temporary lay offs and what impact these can have on Employers.


This session will focus on Communication, Time Management and Delegation for both Managers and Duty Managers in the Nursing Home Sector. We will look at conflict resolution between different departments in the home and how pressure of Covid-19 can cause a difficult working Environment.

We will discuss what we might be able to do to make work easier for everyone.